LDAA 2019 Outings

Loch Earn 29-06-19 Day Session (4 Boats) 

5 Anglers had a good day on Loch Earn though the session was cut short due to thunder storms in the area. Up untill about 4pm the weather had been kind, overcast but nice and warm with enough wind to give reasonable drifts though the wind direction was variable throughout the day. 30 fish were caught on the day and as far as i am aware they were all Brown Trout which is unusual on Earn because there is usually a few Rainbows somewhere in the mix. 

Monikie 10-08-19 Evening Session (4 Boats)

Rescobie 28-09-19 Day Session (4 Boats)


Restriction Order

The restriction order on the Esk District has been lifted but the Fisheries Board have put together voluntary recommendations (see link below).

Voluntary Recommendations


Maps of our fishings on the Bervie and Luther Waters can be downloaded here.

Bervie Map

Luther Map


The open seasons on our rivers are as follows

Luther Water Salmon and Sea Trout 16th February to 31st October inclusive.

Bervie Water Salmon and Sea Trout 25th February to 31st October inclusive.

Brown Trout 15th March to 6th October inclusive

Anglers respectfully are reminded that:

It is a criminal  offence to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout on Sundays

It is a criminal offence to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout without written permission

Brown Tour fishing rights belong to the riparian owners and / or lease holders. It is not a public right.

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