L.D.A.A. Rules


Luther Water

Salmon & Sea Trout Rights

Lands of Thornton Estate, Wakefield, Pitgarvie, LutherMains, Balmakewan, Drumnagair, Caldhame.

Bervie Water

Salmon & Sea Trout Rights

Right Bank: - As indicated on sign at Whitefield Bridge to Mill of Garvok; Weir to midway Waterlair; Mill of Kerr to Burn of Guinea; excluding one field at Deep Farm.

Left Bank: - Midway between Whiteriggs & Leithfield to the Deep; Toll of Mondynes Bridge to Viaduct; Glenbervie Policies to Burn of Guinea; excluding one field at DeepFarm. Visitors are advised to acquaint themselves in full with the preserved waters and also the rules of the association before proceeding to fish any of the waters and they will be deemed to have done so.

Any clarification of boundaries may be obtained from the secretary.

North Esk

Contact the Secretary for details.

Association Rules

The holder of a permit is bound by the Association Rules as contained within the Association Rule Book and is held to have fully acquainted themselves with all rules and conditions contained therein.

Members have permission to fish with rod and line for Salmon, Grilse, Sea Trout, and Brown Trout during season on Club Waters reserved for Members of the Laurencekirk & District Angling Association.

When fishing for Salmon & Sea Trout, numbers of Daily Allowable Rods are: - Bervie... 25, Luther ... 15

Fishing for Brown Trout is not restricted to the above numbers provided nylon breaking strain does not exceed 6 lbs. No Brown Trout Angler should have in his possession any tackle considered suitable for Salmon and Sea Trout.

Membership Fee is accepted on the strict understanding that (a) the Member binds himself to accept and adhere to the Rules of the L.D.A.A. and (b) any Angler infringing the Rules may have his ticket withdrawn and forfeit his fee.

  1. All Parr, Salmon Fry or Smolt, Trout under 9 inches and unclean Fish, whenever caught shall be returned alive to the water.

  2. No illegal fishing by Nets, Rake or Drag Hooks or by any other illegal instrument or method shall be practiced. Shrimps/Prawns natural or artificial are banned under terms of lease on all waters. Worm fishing is allowed for migratory fish from the 1st of June onwards. On the Luther Water which is Grade 1 Status, between 16th Feb and 31st May inclusive all migratory fish caught must be returned unharmed to the water furthermore anglers may only use single or double hooks and these must be barbless.  On the Bervie Water which is Grade 3 Status, between 25th Feb and 31st Oct inclusive all migratory fish caught must be returned unharmed to the water furthermore anglers may only use single or double hooks and these must be barbless.

  3. Member's Ticket and all fish and tackle in possession of the Holder shall be shown on request to any Gamekeeper, Watcher or Member (on production of his Members Ticket), Water Bailiff or Police Officer and every assistance given to protect the waters.

  4. Ticket Holders must not wander through fields, disturb stock or game, break down fences or woodland, dig for worms, or act in any way to damage or do anything detrimental to the interests of the proprietors. Ticket Holders must keep by the WaterSide and be careful not to overstep the privileges enjoyed by the Association.

  5. Only Members and Visiting Ticket Holders are allowed to make use of the Waters. They shall not be accompanied by any dog, or practice picnicking.

  6. Ticket Holders shall not make gain or profit out of any fish caught by them by selling or exposing the same for sale.

  7. No Ticket Holder shall take up a position or alter his position in order to occupy waters above that already in possession of another member or Ticket Holder unless he is invited to do so, but shall take up a position behind and follow him in regular order.

  8. Tickets are not transferable.

  9. A return of number and weight of all Brown Trout, Sea Trout & Salmon caught in Luther & Bervie Waters to be returned to the secretary by 7th November. Members are also required to return Salmon fishing effort on the returns sheet provided by the Association, please note this is a legal requirement. Nil returns must also be recorded. Members should acquaint themselves with the identity points of fish farm escapees as against wild fish (Salmon). 

  10. Ticket Holders infringing the rules & privileges of the Association may have their Tickets withdrawn and their fees forfeited. Visitors Tickets are issued and accepted by the Holder on the strict understanding that they are the property of the Association and that the Holder is prepared to accept in full and adhere to the rules of the Association.

  11. All permit holders are deemed to be responsible for their own safety.

  12. Members who wish to park at Mill of Kerr while fishing the Bervie are requested to park on the tarmac outside the farmhouse & steading and also display an LDAA windscreen card which is available from the Secretary. A handwritten card stating that the car belongs to an LDAA member is also acceptable.

  13. Members and visiting anglers using the Association waters do so entirely at there own risk.

  14. Members are advised to use appropriate safety equipment such as buoyancy aids etc

It is the responsibility of anglers to print out a copy of these rules and familiarise themselves with them prior to fishing.

Restriction Order

The restriction order on the Esk District has been lifted but the Fisheries Board have put together voluntary recommendations (see link below).

Voluntary Recommendations


Maps of our fishings on the Bervie and Luther Waters can be downloaded here.

Bervie Map

Luther Map


The open seasons on our rivers are as follows

Luther Water Salmon and Sea Trout 16th February to 31st October inclusive.

Bervie Water Salmon and Sea Trout 25th February to 31st October inclusive.

Brown Trout 15th March to 6th October inclusive

Anglers respectfully are reminded that:

It is a criminal  offence to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout on Sundays

It is a criminal offence to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout without written permission

Brown Tour fishing rights belong to the riparian owners and / or lease holders. It is not a public right.

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